Top 10 Signs You are a Burned Out Parent


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Top 10 signs of a burned out parent

  1. Silence is your new favorite band.  If you could you would listen to them all the time
  2. You suddenly feel guilty for most of your childhood and want to apologize profusely to your parents, especially for the teenage years
  3. You start dreaming in cartoon
  4. Instead of thinking about sex you have fantasies of a great big empty bed you could nap in.
  5. During actual sex you keep thinking you hear  a baby crying, a musical toy going off or the sound of a grandparent unlocking the front door.
  6. You start considering how quickly clothing will get ruined by food, milk, poop or vomit when shopping
  7. You plan meals based on what takes the least amount of effort to cook rather than taste or nutrition
  8. You start to resent people in their twenties
  9. You start to admire people who have retired and taken to some eccentric hobby like collecting rare cactus or building wood furniture
  10. You realize you are turning into your parents

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