Forget about Hide and Seek, I Play Hide and Sleep


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I’m so tired this week because Morty and Clappy (not their real namesJ) are teething. Putting them to bed is like some kind of messed up Japanese game show where they deprive the contestants of sleep for prize money.

Zimms, the four year old, loves to play hide and seek.  I lay on his bed slowly counting to 10 while he hides. My eyes are shut and I am loving this 10 long seconds to myself. I can feel my back relaxing already. I slow even more as I get to 7, then 8, then 9, 9 ¼,  9 ½, 9 ¾ and finally after one extra beat goes by, 10.  Ahhh, I could actually fall asleep right here and now while  my poor kid huddles under a laundry basket in the hall waiting to be discovered.  I slowly rise, rubbing my eyes.  “Here I come” I say loudly, pretending not to notice him through the slats of the upside laundry basket.  I start looking in the kitchen.  I could just sit down in this chair and put my head down on the table. He’d stay put for a few more seconds while I rested.  “Come find me papa!” I hear from the hallway. Oh boy, playing hide and sleep is hard work.


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