Practice Kids


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You know a new baby isn’t far into the future when a couple gets a practice kid.  It usually goes like this. A madly in  love couple has bought or rented a nice new house together.  Maybe they have just gotten married. They both work and have a busy social life but soon they start talking about getting  a pet.   

Now each of them has had pets before. Cat’s, dogs, hamsters and all that growing up.  Standard fare.  But this time is different.  This will be “their” pet.  Together.  An extension of their love and a chance to test the waters with some parental forplay. 

Now this is a lucky pet.  Going from a cardboard box into the enthusiastic arms of soon to be baby wanting parents  they’d be a fool to do anything but purr.

Expect to see this pet on your facebook feed.  It will be in pictures posed between them (just like  a baby).  Maybe it’s wearing a sweater or a funny hat. The clock is ticking now.  A ball of momentum is rolling now and it can’t be stopped. Soon they will decide it’s time to have  a baby.

Once that baby comes though, that cat is fucked!  Not intentionally of course, but man, it’s Lady and the Tramp all over again.


5 thoughts on “Practice Kids

  1. Aww that’s not entirely true because we hope our cat Lily will be extremely an active part in the life of our children once we have them but I get what you mean.

    • I know I know, but it was a good punchline to finish the story. Our cat Moxi is still with us after 4 slightly traumatic years with kids around. In fact, he lays on the floor specifically to be abused by twin 2 year olds and loves the attention.

      • 🙂 aww actually how did you do it I have been wondering on so many things for my Lily like if and when we move to a new house what should I do for her and whenever we have kids what to do so she’s fine with kids especially a baby.

  2. Thanks for the re-blog! I’m no cat expert but I guess my best advice would be to make sure Lily still has her favorite place to sleep/chill/hide and to let her interact with your new little one, to be a part of the fam. Also she will be pleased at the new opportunities to get food and/or a good petting during the night as you will be up A LOT during the night 🙂

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